Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Day 1758

The Ebola patient at Presbyterian Hospital died today and a second person was admitted to the same hospital with symptoms. Everyone is a bit nervous. When I sneezed tonight at dog training class, everyone around me gave me a strange look. One woman asked if I was OK. Jeez, it was just a sneeze. I sneeze all the time. I have seasonal allergies and they're pretty bad during the Fall.

I understand why people are nervous though. I'm nervous. Many mistakes have been made already and more will be made in the future. The guy who was admitted to Presbyterian today was a sheriff's deputy who was ordered by his supervisor to enter the victim's apartment before it was sanitized to get a quarantine order signed. The deputy wore no protective clothing at all. Then, when he began feeling sick, he just walked into a suburban CareNow clinic for treatment instead of calling the CDC. These things just keep happening. I still can't believe that one of the quarantined kids left his house and went back to Dallas public schools the day after he was quarantined. They say that 50 people are at risk, but I bet the true number is several hundred. The guy who was admitted to the hospital today wasn't even on the CDC short list.

I was sad to hear that the dog that belonged to the Spanish nurse that has Ebola has been euthanized. Why couldn't they just have quarantined the dog? We love our dogs here in the United States. I think that once people start to realize that their dogs could be at risk, or even killed by government officials during an Ebola panic, it might change people's opinions about our open borders. I keep hearing that you can't stop people from traveling. Why not? If we denied entry from all West African countries, we could put a stop to Ebola in America. People forget that for much of this country's history, if you were sick when you came through Ellis Island, you were turned away.

Today was another busy day. I finished my writing assignments, made a few website updates, and got my October invoices in the mail. I think I've finally managed to catch up with all of my power outage backlog. I guess this means that tomorrow I'll have to go up on the roof and check out the water situation. I've been avoiding this, since my last trip to the roof involved a lot of work. We've had quite a bit of rain recently and it's not going to evaporate with our cooler Fall weather, so I guess that sweeping and pumping away the standing water is almost inevitable.

I can't stand another day of oatmeal, so I bought some bacon while I was at the grocery store today. A little bacon for breakfast is bound to make Thursday a better day.

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  1. I agree with you John. Why can't the flights from infected countries be stopped until things get into control. It seems the common sense decisions are simply not made. ~ Catherine

  2. Bacon to the rescue! I think I'd rather move than have a roof like yours.