Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 1909

We got a nice collapsible soft canvas crate to we can transport Dot back and forth to physical therapy after her stitches come out. When we tried to introduce her to the crate, she got scared and pooped in it. Oh, well. So much for taking the crate back to the store if it doesn't work out. This crate is smaller than a normal crate on purpose, because we want her to stay secure and in one place in the car. Dot fits in the crate just fine, but we didn't count on her having claustrophobia. So far, she hates the thing.

Although we struck out on the soft crate, we did figure out a good place for Dot to stay while I'm working around the house. Instead of a crate, I put a comfortable dog bed in a hallway that I can see from my desk in the office and used two wooden kiddie gates on either side to turn the bed into a pen. Dot seemed fine with this arrangement and slept peacefully for several hours while I worked on getting caught up on my website assignments. I put another dog bed right next to this fenced in area for Dash to sleep and everyone was happy for the first time in days.

I don't usually do website work on Sundays, but taking care of Dot has put me behind on several things. It was nice to have a quiet afternoon to get caught up on work while the dogs slept peacefully. This tranquility didn't last long unfortunately. We had burgers for dinner and Dot was mad that she couldn't sit under the table like she used to do and wait for table scraps. Even though we placed a dog bed as close to the dining table as we could, it wasn't close enough for her. Every time we would sit down at the table, Dot would try to get up.

The better Dot feels, the harder it becomes to look after her. It's OK for Dot to walk with assistance.  It's not OK for her to try to walk on her own yet. She can stand on her own for short periods of time now, but she still can't get up without assistance. Although she moves her legs well, she can't walk without assistance either. If I wasn't steadying her rear legs with the harness, she would quickly stumble and fall. All this would be very discouraging if it weren't for the fact that Dot seems to get a little better each day. The neurologist told us that recovery from this type of surgery was a long slow process. We've just got to be patient and make sure that Dot stays out of harm's way while she's learning to walk again.

Just as I predicted, there is more water on the roof now. It rained again today. It's not that bad though. All we got today was some drizzle and light showers. I think I'm going to wait until the weather clears up for at least a week before I go up on the roof again. It's just not worth the trouble to do this every other day. I'm beginning to think it's not worth the trouble to move every clock in the hour an hour forward either. Every time Daylight Savings Time rolls around I'm amazed at how many clocks we have around the house. I mush have spent an hour resetting wall clocks, table clocks, clocks in the television, clocks in the phone, and a variety of wristwatches. The computers, the phones, and even the new thermostat all managed to reset themselves this morning.

My teeth didn't hurt today. Maybe I've been grinding my teeth at night. I do that from time to time when I'm stressed. It's funny how wonderful a good night's sleep can seem when you're not sleeping well. Maybe tonight will be the night. It all depends on Dot. When Dot is sleeping well, we all sleep well.

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  1. She's definitely queen of the house. We only have a few clocks to reset.