Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day 1933

When I'm not busy enough, I notice things that I'm otherwise oblivious to. Today I noticed that we have carpenter ants in the house again. There were little piles of wood dust at various places that indicated the ants were active. We've had problems with carpenter ants before and they are difficult to get rid of. You cant ignore them though. In many ways they are just as bad as termites. Left unchecked, they will reduce your house to rubble.

I also noticed that our resident squirrels were eating the new St. Augustine grass. We've had problems with this before as well. Squirrels seem to love fresh green grass, and just about every time we've put in more St. Augustine, the squirrels immediately descend from the trees to eat it. In the Spring it's the squirrels who do the damage. In the Fall it's mostly possums and armadillos who are intent on destroying things. The birds do their part as well. The eat the berries off the Holly bushes and then poop them out again on my car.

Since Dot has her physical therapy session tomorrow, I reconfigured that car with her special hammock. This took longer than I thought, but I really don't have any other choices. I guess I'll just leave the hammock in place until Dash needs to go somewhere. I also watered the new lawn with a hose a couple of times. I don't know why a sprinkler wouldn't have worked just as well, but the landscapers said this was better. Although the yard looks great, it doesn't smell so great. I think there must be cow manure mixed in the mulch that was spread over the flower beds and ground cover. I should have been more specific instead of saying "just do what you did last year." Last year we needed mulch. This year we don't.

The dogs were pretty good today. There is always a frenzy of barking around dinner time, but for the most part, things were pretty peaceful today. I've got to watch Dot like a hawk. She can get up on her own now and will start walking drunkenly around the house if I'm not looking. I use to race to grab her harness when this happened, but now I just follow along behind her to provide support if she starts to slip. She needs to learn to keep her balance and walk with confidence. Constantly holding her up might actually hinder her progress. I still worry that she's going to fall, but she keeps getting stronger every day. Several times I have seen her sit normally, but she can't always do this when she's tired. I think the hardest thing for Dot to do on her own is poop. The way dogs typically squat takes a completely different set of muscles and hers aren't strong enough yet.

I read some instruction manuals for old audio gear in the studio this afternoon. I do this several times a month now for different types of equipment. There is so much I have already forgotten and I am determined not to forget it all. Most of my gear is obsolete now, but it certainly got the job done back in the day. I used to use this gear all the time, but now it mostly collects dust. I don't have many production jobs these days anyway and when I do get one, I don't need a rack full of equipment. I just use Pro Tools or Final Cut Pro. I like all this old equipment though. I really wish the world hadn't changed. There's an old multi-track recorder sitting in a corner that still has a mix-tape loaded in it. The tape is dated 1986. Jeez, that's 29 years ago.

I'm curious what the vet will say when she sees Dot tomorrow. I think she's made a lot of progress since her last physical therapy session. I'm waiting for the day when the vet says it's perfectly safe to leave Dot alone in the house again. A month ago I though that this might never happen, but I think Dot has other ideas.

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  1. I like most any equipment that does what it says it will without breaking or needing an update every other day. That defaults to old.