Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 2221

I certainly didn't get much sleep last night. I got to bed late to begin with and then the dogs kept me up the rest of the night. Dash must have eaten something bad in the yard, because he went to bed with an upset stomach. Every two hours, he would wake me up scratching at the back door to go outside. Each time, he would race around the yard in a panic and then eventually poop. This happens every time he eats something the neighborhood cats drag in the yard. I try my best to keep him from eating crap, but he knows that when I'm outside helping Dot walk, he can do pretty much whatever he wants.

In between Dash's periodic bouts of diarrhea, Dot woke up and pooped in her bed. By the time I cleaned up Dot's bedding and got Dash squared away, I was wide awake. It hardly seemed worth the trouble to go back to bed again. I was really tired though and decided to settle for whatever sleep I could get. When the sun rose this morning, my fitness band said I'd slept a total of three hours.

Thursday morning's are always kind of hectic. It doesn't seem to matter when I get up in the morning. There never seems to be enough time to walk the dogs, eat breakfast, and take a shower, before its time to get Dot ready for her physical therapy appointment. I really try to be on time, but I'm often late. If I time all the stop lights right, I'll do OK. Today there was a red light at almost every intersection, plus major road construction along the way. Dot often gets herself stuck in an awkward position as well and I'll need to stop the car so I can re-position her.

Once we arrive, Dot usually does pretty well. Today she did great. She was strong and determined during her time on the treadmill and was relaxed enough to get full benefit from her acupuncture session. Sometimes I'm amazed at how well she does during therapy when she has trouble even standing up while she eats her dinner. Nerve damage is strange and unpredictable though. I really think she's doing the best she can.

I wrote another article today while listening to construction equipment tear up a nearby street. After looking at what the crew accomplished today, I think it's going to be a long time before the road is finished. If Dot was younger, the noisy machines would have kept her barking all day. Dot is going deaf though, so she didn't notice a thing. Dash didn't seem to be bothered either. I was the only one who seemed irritated by the noise. It's much easier to write when it's quiet.

It looks like I'll have to keep writing a while longer. I didn't win the lottery last night and I doubt that you did either. There was a winner though. I found it amusing that within five minutes after the location of the store that sold the ticket was announced, people were complaining on Twitter that Chino Hills was too wealthy a community to deserve a lottery winner. Really? Have we become so politically correct that even lotteries must follow some weird redistribution formula. It's just a game of chance and anyone can win. I heard today that the California winner was actually a nurse in an assisted living facility. Maybe the haters are happy now.

This week has gone quickly. I've already taken this weeks trash out to the curb and I'm ready to go out for breakfast tomorrow morning. I think the days are starting to get a little longer, but it's hard to tell. All I know is that each day seems pretty similar to the day that preceded it. The bad thing is that this monotony is often boring. The good thing is that things are pretty stable. The dogs are both hanging in there. They're happy! The bills get paid every month. I'm reasonably healthy myself. The stock market sucks, but basically life is good. I've still got to get that sliding glass door fixed though. It's driving me nuts.

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