Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 2360

It's been raining almost every day for several weeks now. At least we aren't getting flooded like our neighbors in South Texas, but enough is enough. It's too bad we can't share some of this rain with California, because they need it more than we do. At least I won't have to worry about the new grass in the back yard dying for a while. The yard is soaked. Needless to say, the roof is covered with standing water as well, but I'm not going up there for a while. It's too slippery.

Being stuck in the house with two storm phobic dogs on a rainy day is not my idea of fun. I have to keep an eye on Dash because he's always trying to crawl into a closet or under the sink to escape. I try to put a blanket under my desk, because he seems to think that's a safe place too. The only problem with having Dash under my desk on a stormy day is that he farts when he gets nervous. Actually both dogs do this. Today was pretty stinky.

At least I had plenty to do today while I was housebound. After a lengthy breakfast which was mostly spent calming the dogs down after each loud thunderclap, I spent the rest of the morning completing yesterday's writing assignment. I got everything finished slightly ahead of schedule and sent it off to my client. Now, I've got to find something else to do. It's hard to believe that I used to do two or three of these assignments every day. Things have really slowed down a bit. Paying bills is a bit more problematic without a steady stream of writing and website assignments. I'm still making ends meet, but there's not much left over anymore. I brood about these things more on a rainy day. I guess that's what rainy days are for.

There's still a leak under the sink. I don't know what to do. The plumber has been out twice and I've checked for leaks countless times. I can run the water in the basin for several minutes and I won't see any drips or obvious leaks. Eventually there is always a small puddle under the sink though. Where is this water coming from? I hesitate to call the plumber again. If you call a plumber too many times for the same problem, things can actually get worse.

It never did quit raining this afternoon, so we had to take the dogs on a walk in the rain after Janet got home from work. Why Dot and Dash haven't learned to quickly poop in the yard on rainy days will forever remain a mystery. Luckily, we only had to walk a block or so for them to do their business, but that was enough to get everybody wet. It took longer to get the dogs dry again than it took to walk them in the first place. That's just everyday life in our house though. This is a common occurrence.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. The dogs and I meet the dog walker for the first time in the morning and then in the afternoon, Dot resumes her physical therapy. I hope everything goes well. Dot always barks at strangers, but maybe this will help her poop. She'll need to get used to this new routine if she still wants to walk. I think Dash will be fine. He gets along with everybody. I'm not sure what to expect when we return to physical therapy. Dot is definitely weaker than she was three weeks ago, but I think the underwater treadmill exercise is still important. We'll see how the day goes. Hopefully, the rain will stop soon.

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