Monday, November 14, 2016

Day 2527

I finally reached my limit on political news and went back to watching Dr. Who re-runs while I eat breakfast. Today they showed one of my favorites: The Girl in the Fireplace. This improbable story about how a bunch of mechanical androids from the 51 century want to use Madame De Pompadour's brain to repair a stranded spaceship is surprisingly warm and poignant. The only episode I like better is Vincent and the Doctor about how The Doctor and Amy Pond travel to France to meet Vincent van Gogh. I wonder why I like these shows so much? Most people I know watch shows like Modern Family and The Walking Dead. I stick with Dr. Who and programs from my childhood like Perry Mason and The Twilight Zone.

 I decided that it was time to get a new battery for my phone, since I'm constantly re-charging it now. I was surprised when the battery store told me that they'd have to special order the battery for me since my phone was so old. An iPhone 5 is old? It still seems new to me. Apparently there isn't enough demand to stock these batteries anymore. I went ahead and ordered the replacement battery even though I'm not sure it will help me much. I really think it was the upgrade to IOS 10 that destroyed my battery life.

I mailed out my November invoices this afternoon and on the way home I stopped by the vegan take out place to pick up something for dinner. I try something new every week and am gradually increasing my vegetarian vocabulary. I continue to be surprised at how delicious some of the meals are. I still eat meat, but I'm making an effort to cut back. It's certainly not going to be a vegetarian Thanksgiving. We eat lots of meat on Thanksgiving. I think a meat-free Thanksgiving would be like Christmas without a Christmas tree.

I had several website updates to complete today. The work was fairly easy, although it took a while. Increasingly, nobody is interested in my ideas anymore. They just want me to replace pictures and text. I seldom turn down assignments, because I need the money, but I often wonder whether I'll ever work on an interesting assignment again. If the past month or so is any guide, it's not very likely.

It's amazing how little I get accomplished on days like this. I'm constantly busy but most of the activity is mindless. Every time I sit down to enjoy breakfast or dinner, one of the dogs needs attention. I've had to stop and clean up poop during dinner more times than I can remember. Tonight there was a huge mess and by the time I got everything cleaned up, dinner was cold. Something similar happens whenever I sit down at the computer to write. The dogs do sleep a lot, but it's hard to get our schedules coordinated.

The moon actually looked bigger tonight than it did yesterday. I wonder if I got the day right for viewing the supermoon? I've been wrong on these things before.

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