Friday, March 17, 2023

Day 4831

It was clear and cold this morning. This always seems to happen in March. It gets warm so everything starts to grow and then we get a late freeze and have to start over again. It was well above freezing this morning, but it looks like we might get that late freeze later this week. At least there is no more rain for a while. So far there have been no leaks in the house after yesterday's storm. Maybe I got lucky. I haven't gone up on the roof to investigate yet. I'll probably regret that decision later.

Dawn woke us up during the middle of the night and needed to go outside and pee. The drugs she's been taking are making her drink more water. She seems to be feeling better now that we've resumed the Rimadyl. The vet said she could continue taking it for another week and then we should slowly start weaning her off the drug. We don't have a long term solution yet. Maybe there isn't one.

I had to pick up some prescriptions today and the pharmacy doesn't seem to like GoodRx anymore. They used to always check and see if the GoodRx price was lower than my Part-D health plan. Now they say that this is too much trouble. I have to show them the GoodRx coupon for the drug on my phone and wait fifteen minutes wandering around the store while they refigure the price. "Can't we just do this the way we used to," I asked the pharmacist? Nope. They can't or won't use GoodRx as my default payment method. So it goes. Nothing is easy anymore.

I walked later in the day today, hoping that it would warm up. It didn't. I dressed warmly and had a nice walk, but my feet hurt again. I should probably throw away my old Hoka shoes and start wearing the new pair, but I keep thinking that I can get a few more months out of them. Truthfully, the shoes probably don't make much difference. I've got osteoarthritis and I don't want to start taking pain pills for minor aches and pains. 

I wasted a lot of time today watching Dawn to make sure she didn't try to jump off the bed. She's happy sleeping on the bed and I hate to gate her in a hallway. I didn't really have any plans anyway. My day usually consists of eating and walking lately. All I really did today was go to the pharmacy. I'm sure the long walks are beneficial, but I need to add a few more things to my daily routine. The trips to Kennedy Space Center are few and far between and I'm not sure that I will ever return to McDonald Observatory. Age is catching up with me and I hate that long drive.

Janet did her grocery shopping today and I'll do mine tomorrow. We both think that there's been a sea change since the pandemic. Stores always seem to be out of things these days and it's a hassle to find what you need. I think all businesses are understaffed too. There aren't as many employees in the stores now and the ones who are working seem grumpy. At any rate, grocery shopping takes more time now, costs more, and is definitely less satisfying.

I'm having Internet problems again. I can't even access my own domains. I hate to call my hosting company because that's usually just an exercise in frustration. I think I'll just post this and go to bed. So many things are just random these days. Probably everything will be working fine in the morning.

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