Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 207

Kobe and LeBron went to their new home today. It took a lot longer than usual to adopt these two dogs, because we wanted to keep the father and son pair together. It was worth the wait. Kobe and LeBron got a great new home. The dogs will live in Austin now. Their new owner, a university professor, is going to rename them Connor and Rory. I wonder if he named the dogs after Irish writer Rory O'Connor? I probably would have renamed the dogs myself after LeBron's namesake abandoned all his loyal fans in Cleveland and decided to trade it all in for the glitter of North Beach in Miami. It is a bit odd that our own Kobe and LeBron found a home in a new city on the very same day that LeBron James announced he was moving to a new city.

I took Janet to the airport this afternoon. I really need to remember to go to Love Field when it's time to pick her up again. Janet usually flies out of DFW and I'm such a creature of habit that I can easily imagine going to the wrong airport and wondering why she never showed up at the baggage claim. I also need to remember to give the dogs their pills, which I normally don't do. I think I've got this task covered though, because Janet left big reminder notes all over the kitchen for me.

On the way to the airport, I noticed that a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse where I have enjoyed several birthday dinners is now a doggie day care facility. That's quite a switch. I'm used to seeing gas stations in Dallas turned into dry cleaners and failed banks turned into just about anything, but a high-end restaurant that becomes a doggie day care center is a first for me.

I wonder what the Unleashed Indoor Dog Park building will become when someone eventually buys it at a bankruptcy sale? It's so huge that it's hard to imagine what it could be used for. I hope that someone with deeper pockets just reopens it as an indoor dog park again. It could even be a dog park with a Ruth's Chris steakhouse inside.

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  1. Dogs and some owners both would cheer for steak at a play center!