Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 18

I went up on the roof to see if I could pinpoint the source of the leak that appeared on the living room ceiling last week. What I found was a foot thick pile of water soaked leaves covering the entire roof. The leaves were way too heavy to blow away with the electric leaf blower, so I tried to push them off the edge of the roof with a push broom. After getting the leaves more or less removed from the carport area of the roof, the push broom broke in half and I was done for the day. Now, I have to add a new push broom the the list of stuff I need to pick up at the hardware store this weekend. Sometimes, I think I could spend the rest of my life just fixing the growing pile of broken stuff that surrounds me. Broken cameras, clogged drains, sputtering lawn mowers, sticking doors and literally dozens of little gizmos with dead batteries. This is the legacy of someone who became a bit too fascinated with architecture and technology.

My sister Judy doesn't like technology. She doesn't even use e-mail anymore and prefers to write almost illegible letters to me in longhand. You'd think she'd have plenty of time on her hands, since she isn't spending her entire day fixing broken stuff like me. Nope, not a chance. She started planting a vegetable garden a few years ago and now that the garden has grown to almost an acre in size, it consumes just as much time as my leaking roofs and dead batteries. I guess everyone chooses their own poison.

It's no surprise that I often prefer to tidy up my virtual life and postpone the problems of the physical world for another day. After all, it's a lot easier to de-fragment a hard drive than it is to de-fragment a life.

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