Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 19

Sundays never change. Small variations keep the day interesting however. When Janet and I went up to walk the Dalmatians at K-9 University, Travis was there to help us. Travis is cool. He's still in his twenties and has already started his own media integration company. He was excited today, telling me that Paper City had just run a feature story about one of his new company's recent home theater installations. He then whipped out his iPod to show me photos of a home built ring light he'd made to take pictures of aspiring models. Dalmatian Rescue needs more volunteers like Travis. Most of us are so old, we need to hold the leash with both hands when we walk some of the strong dogs like Kobe and LeBron.

Later, when I took Dash for his weekly bath, it appeared that his reputation had already preceded him. I heard one employee telling another that Dash sings like a bird as soon as he gets wet. Sure enough, Dash didn't disappoint. As soon as I began to bathe him, he started his strange warbling howl which sounds remarkably like a bird singing. It's not a pretty, or even a happy sound, but it is unique. Nobody believes me, but Dash is much better than he used to be. It wasn't that long ago when he made the odd warbling sound every time he rode in the car or when I turned on the vacuum cleaner. Now he saves his odd music for his bath.

When we took the dogs down to Unleashed to have a little play time, we saw Alan Lidji and his daughter with their dog. We also saw Beth Borman, one of our teachers at the ABOTC dog training class we take Dot and Dash to on Wednesdays. Montana, one of Beth's dogs, has learned how to open the gate to the dog park, and one day recently he let all the other dogs out. Maybe someday our dogs will learn to play as enthusiastically as Beth's dogs. For now, there are still a bit overwhelmed by all the activity.

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