Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 21

At this time of the year I often see photographers down by the lake when I take the dogs on their morning walk. They're bundled up in parkas with their cameras on tripods, waiting for just the right moment. Sometimes I feel like walking over and congratulating them for discovering exactly the same spot I discovered with a camera years ago. It's a bit humbling to realize that none of your visual ideas and insights are all that unique. It's also kind of neat to think that there are all these other people out there, completely independently following a very similar path. I've spent years photographing the lake behind my house. It can be quite spectacular on cold Winter morning like this. The Pelicans have returned. There is often a thick mist rolling over the surface of the water before the sun burns it off. Almost every morning there is something unique and interesting to see.

I've missed thousands of Kodak moments walking the dogs in the morning. You can't carry much camera gear when you're walking two very strong and rambunctious Dalmatians who are always on the lookout for squirrels. The dogs have a different agenda than I do. When we see a duck, they would much rather eat it than photograph it. I still keep my eye out for interesting things however, Because I can always go back with a camera later.

I remember what I see and then on those occasional cloudy bright days when the light is perfect, I go back to the lake without the dogs and get the shot. It's an odd way to work. I never really "capture" the moment. I slowly and meticulously recreate it from memory.

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