Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 22

Every Wednesday evening we take Dot and Dash to the ABOTC Obedience Class on Flagpole Hill. Dash has actually won four ribbons over the years - all on nights with terrible weather when the better behaved dogs stayed home. Maybe he'll win another ribbon tonight. It's cold and gloomy outside and attendance is sure to be low. Dash is a lot like me. He knows all the commands, but just can't be bothered half the time. Dot, on the other hand, is quite the performer. She graduated to the advanced class several years ago and would be an obedience superstar if she could just learn to sit without raising one paw in the air.

It's surprising who you run into at dog class. We usually see Scott Hadden and his dog Tanner. I've known Scott for years, since we are both in the video production business here in Dallas. Until we started going to dog class however, I never realized he had one of the best trained dogs in town. Robert Rogers and his wife Cindy take their two German Shepherds to class every Wednesday as well. Robert is a fantastic mechanic and takes good care of my aging Citro├źn Maserati. The car has been sitting in his garage in Nevada, Texas for several years now. I hope it stays there for several more years, since it is a lot safer there than if I was driving it in Dallas traffic.

Wednesday is also Martini Night. I think the tradition started when Janet and I got hooked on watching Project Runway after dog class. We've continued drinking long after the show moved from its original Wednesday night slot on Bravo to an entirely different day on Lifetime. Why not? There are many days when I feel like every night should be Martini Night.

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