Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 24

Global warming? I don't think so. It's 16 degrees outside today in Dallas. Add in the wind chill factor and it feels like it's below zero. The dogs still want their walk, of course. They actually looked quite stylish this morning when I bundled them in two layers of dog coats. Dot wore a bright red coat over her black sweater and  Dash wore his matching blue coat. During our walk, the colorful pair caught the attention of a Dallas Morning News reporter who was out looking for human interest stories. She was writing a feature about what people in Dallas do in freezing weather. She got our names and took a lot of pictures as we walked along the bike path near White Rock Lake. I don't know if we'll make the Saturday morning papers though. Dot barked at the reporter during the entire interview. Maybe there'll be one good picture though. I noticed the reporter was using a top-of-the-line Canon ESO camera and shooting in burst mode. Shooting at a rate of 5 frames per second, you can literally take hundreds of pictures in just a few minutes. Maybe she managed to capture a few good frames between all the barking.

I think the reporter would have had a lot more interesting story for the paper if she'd asked why all my pockets were filled with self-winding watches. (pockets are a lot cheaper than a watch winder and work just as well) If she was interested, I could have told her about the pack of Coyotes who live in a thicket of trees about fifty yards behind where she was interviewing us. I might have even given her my recipe for the delicious sausage scramble I was going to make for breakfast as soon as I got home. Of course, in today's online world, interviews are always a two way street. I could have had a lot more interesting blog entry today if the reporter had told me why she was sitting out in the freezing cold waiting for a story in a completely empty city park, just in case some idiot like me happened to walk by.

I'll have to go out and buy a paper tonight and see if we made the news.

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