Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 25

Breaking news! When I looked through this morning's paper, there were Dot and Dash, featured as promised, in a Metro Section article about the chilly weather in Dallas. I really didn't think the dogs pictures would get published, since Dot was barking so much when we were being interviewed yesterday. The story looked great, however. Thanks, Dallas Morning News!

Later today, Janet and I drove to Flower Mound to take Spot's wheelchair to a women who wanted to borrow it to see if, Kendall, her aging Dalmatian could use it. The wheelchair didn't fit Kendall, who was larger than Spot, but we showed the woman how she could use a Walkabout Harness instead to help her dog regain a little mobility. I can't say enough good things about the people who make the Walkabout Harness. When our dog Spot got old and began to lose the use of his rear legs, the Walkabout Harness gave him an extra year and a half of freedom and mobility. Kendall reminded me so much of Spot. It's sad to see a dog who still has a strong desire to live slowly fade away. They just don't understand what is happening to them. Probably people don't understand either. Near the end, my Dad seemed just as perplexed about what was happening to him as Spot did. I'm not looking forward to getting old.

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