Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 36

I had to walk the dogs extra early this morning, since I needed to be at Medical City for my EGD test by eight AM. I'm not fond of hospitals. It seems like every time I go, it takes longer and longer to fill out all the paperwork. When I met the doctor, he asked if I still had bleeding and was taking laxatives. "No." I told him, "You're doing an upper GI scope on me this morning." The doctor laughed. "Sorry, wrong end," he said. "I need to keep my ends straight this morning." I already had a colonoscopy last year. Maybe if you combined the video from that test with the one they are taking today, you would end up with a stem-to-stern tour through my entire body. Perhaps I should ask them for the tape and put it on YouTube.

No annoying valium drip today. I was out cold. They gave me Propofol which I like, because it has virtually no side effects. As soon as you are awake, you're good to go. The hospital still won't let you drive home after an EGD, but I'm sure that's just a liability issue. When I woke up after the procedure, the doctor said I had esophageal ulcers, reflux esophagitis, erosive gastropathy and erosive duodenopathy. Well, I guess that explains the heartburn anyway.

Looks like the market is giving back all the gains it made yesterday. I was hoping that yesterday's rally would continue for a day or two in celebration of Scott Brown's big win last night. No such luck. The doctor said to take it easy today, so I guess I'll just go and take a nap with the dogs.  They take it easy every day.

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