Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 37

I'll never get used to Texas weather. Less than a week ago, I was worrying about the pipes freezing and today it was 75° outside. Hard to believe it's T-Shirt weather in the middle of January, but that's Texas for you.

What a busy day! One of my clients wanted to add some new employees to their website, so I took over 400 images this afternoon to get twelve good portraits. It's amazing how much things have changed since film disappeared. If I were still shooting on film, I probably wouldn't have taken more than 75 images for the same job. Digital cameras make a lot of things easier, but it's still hard to make people look as glamorous as they'd like to be when they're dressed in hospital scrubs and wearing no makeup.

The Microsync wireless strobe sync system I ordered last week arrived today. Hopefully, I'll find some time to test it tomorrow. I never had a problem using a long sync cord when I was photographing people, but after having dozens of unruly dogs trip over my sync cord when I was helping Dalmatian Rescue with their Christmas pet picture events, I was determined to find a better solution for our upcoming Valentine's Day event. Odd. My clients are happy enough with my obsolete working habits. It's the dogs that are keeping me on the cutting edge these days.

My doctor wouldn't let me drink yesterday after he stuck his camera down my throat. Luckily, that's all in the past now. In honor of Project Runway, we've moved Martini Night to Thursday.

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