Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 71

Maybe I'm one of those people who react poorly to a lack of sunlight. I think they call the condition Seasonal Affective Disorder. I know a copywriter somewhere came up with this name, because the acronym is SAD. Too cute. At any rate, it was bright and sunny outside when I woke up this morning and I found myself in a better mood all day.

Had lunch with my friend Alan today. He was amazed that I still didn't have a cell phone and was showing me how he could manage his entire life just by waving a few fingers at his iPhone. I'll have to admit it was pretty impressive. Especially when he went to his Facebook page directly from the iPhone and showed me how people were posting things and commenting in real time, right while we were eating our barbecue sandwiches. Apparently Alan had asked his Facebook friends to send him pictures of where they worked this morning and 43 people had already responded before lunch.

The whole notion of living in a real-time, totally interconnected world still escapes me. I understand all this social Internet stuff in theory, but in reality I'm still pretty isolated. Case in point. Yesterday, I was looking for something on Google and accidentally discovered that George Toomer, someone who I used to work with frequently during my ad agency days, had died last Summer. I didn't even know. There was a time where I would have discovered something like this almost immediately over a beer at the Stoneleigh P. Times have changed though. People don't actually exchange news in person over a beer anymore. They Twitter and Tweet instead. Alan asked me at lunch when was the last time I'd actually shown my portfolio in person to someone at their office. I had to admit that it had been years since I'd done this. Maybe the entire world has moved online. The dogs don't care whether I'm online or not. As long as they get their walk, they're happy.

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