Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 72

I could have sworn there was an animal rescue meeting this evening at Tony's Pizza, but when I arrived at the appointed time, nobody was there. Actually, there were plenty of people eating at the restaurant, just not anyone I recognized. I really should should start reading my e-mail more carefully. I'll bet the message actually said that someone was bringing pizza from Tony's to a meeting at a different location. Oh well. At least I made an effort. I went home and ate another leftover pork chop instead.

I'm still catching up with people I've re-discovered on LinkedIn. In the future, I should try to touch base with friends more than once every twenty years. People have died. Kids I remembered as toddlers are now married with kids of their own. Just about everyone has changed careers at least once. I guess I've changed a lot too. It just doesn't seem that way. I've had the same phone number for 25 years. I still have a car I bought in 1972. I'm still wondering what I'm going to do when I grow up.

My leasing agent called today and asked if I wanted to renew the listing on my rent property for another three months. I'd forgotten that they'd been showing the place that long. It's amazing to me that nobody wants to lease. You'd think that I owned a rundown slum property instead of a cool looking Bud Oglesby condo that won a big AIA award in 1965. Times change, I guess. When I bought the place, the Internet wasn't even invented yet. I guess cable TV wasn't invented either. There was an antenna on the roof that got about five local channels.

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