Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 78

We've started watching Shear Genius after we get home from obedience class with the dogs. It's not as good as Project Runway, but it's the same general idea. You give people a short amount of time do do something creative and then see if they screw up. Some of tonight's haircuts were pretty bad and it reminded me that my own hair was starting to look pretty ratty as well. It's probably time for me make an appointment with Betty at Toni & Guy and get my hair cut.

I've been all the way from one end of the haircut spectrum to the other. My hair was as long as Shaun White's in college. When I was young, I used to wear a mustache to make me look older. When I got older, I shaved it off, realizing that it actually did make me look older. For quite a while I wore a mullet, completely oblivious to the fact that this was the official hairstyle of rednecks and trailer trash worldwide. These days, I usually wear my hair pretty short. My sense of fashion must have been influenced by Steve Jobs, because I wear black t-shirts a lot too.

I don't know why men's haircuts have gotten so expensive. I never know which is going to cost more: taking my car to the Land Rover dealer for an oil change or getting my hair cut at Toni & Guy. At any rate, I don't think a haircut or an oil change should end up costing me $90. Maybe it's time to start going to a barbershop instead. Nobody would probably ever know the difference.

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