Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 79

Finally! I got a letter from iStockphoto today telling me my latest batch of photos had met their technical and commercial standards and that I was welcome to join their stock photo agency. It was kind of embarrassing that it took me so long to get accepted. I kept sending them photos that I had "improved" in Photoshop. They kept sending them back, telling me that they only accepted original, unprocessed images. I should have realized several months ago that stock photos aren't the same as the photos I do for gallery shows. I think I've got the concept now, so maybe I can make a little extra income selling some of the thousands of images I have filed away.

I added a few hundred more images to this growing collection of photos today when I shot the advertising and promotional photos for this year's Wine on the Roof charity event. Everyone loved the poster I did for last years event, so of course they expect me to do something even better for 2010. This is still a work in progress, but it does involve dogs and cats wearing costumes and behaving well together. It would be a total disaster if I let my two dogs get anywhere near a cat, but the dogs we used for the photo shoot this evening were actually pretty friendly with their feline counterparts. I think I actually managed to get some pretty decent shots. Taking pictures of animals isn't easy. I think I have a short attention span, but I have the patience of Job compared to a dog in a costume.

I thought I was going to miss Project Runway tonight because it took me so long to get all the lights and equipment packed up after the photo shoot. Got everything put away in the nick of time however and watched the contestants try to make fashionable clothing out of stuff they found in a hardware store. The winning outfit was amazing. You'd never believe it was made out of trash bags.

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