Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 125

Mondays are usually pretty quiet around here. I seldom get panic calls from clients on Mondays because this day seems to be reserved for long internal status meetings where everyone tries to remember what they were doing the previous Friday. I don't even try to call people on Monday because they are always in a meeting. While the rest of the world is checking on the status of everything, I usually pay a few bills, do some laundry, answer the e-mail I never got around to reading on Friday, and fix myself a big stack of pancakes.

I'm always amazed how a few simple tasks can eat up an entire day. I wasted quite a bit of time this morning fixing a long extension cord with a short in it. If I thought my time was worth anything at all, it would have made a lot more sense to just go to Home Depot and buy a new one. I also tried out my new "Mister Steamy" dryer ball. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that something I saw on one of those cheesy TV infomercials managed to catch my attention, but when I heard that "Mister Steamy" would put an end to ironing forever, I had to have one. I'm terrible at ironing. By the time I've ironed one wrinkle out of a shirt, I've usually managed to create a brand new wrinkle somewhere else. Amazingly, the "Mister Steamy" dryer ball actually works. Admittedly, my standards are pretty low, but the laundry came out of the dryer looking good enough for me to just put on a shirt without bothering to iron it and wear it for the rest of the day. Now, why couldn't I have invented something like that.

I need to take Dash to the vet at 8:30 AM tomorrow for his annual exam. Normally, I never do anything that early, but Dash's veterinarian only works on Tuesdays and she seems to get booked up weeks in advance. 8:30 AM was the only appointment left. I certainly wouldn't mind just working on Tuesdays.  Maybe if I started having my own status meetings and became more efficient, I could cram all my work into a Tuesday. I doubt it though. There's too much work and I'm way too slow.

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