Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 126

We found out today that Dot won first place in the BaxterBoo pet fashion contest. It's nice to have a winner in the family again. It's been years since I've won an award for anything. When I was an ad agency copywriter, I used to win a ton of awards, but it was mostly because I would always volunteer to take care of submitting the entries for the agency and then make sure to enter a boatload of my own stuff. I didn't have Dot's instinct to go for the gold, so I would seldom win first place honors. I did get a fair share of second and third place trophies though. Dot has all the personality traits you usually associate with a winner. She is serious, determined and seems happiest when she has a task to complete. Dash, on the other hand, has the personality traits you would usually associate with me. He is curious, lazy and never likes to get out of bed in the morning.

I had a meeting with one of my website clients this afternoon. It kind of felt like I had entered the Twilight Zone, because everyone at the meeting seemed to want exactly the opposite of what they said they wanted during our last meeting. Nothing to get upset about though. This happens frequently in my line of work. On projects like this without a firm deadline, drastic changes are almost inevitable. This is why I love rush projects with drop-dead deadlines. If you only have time to do it once, clients are usually very appreciative that you managed to finish the job at all. When there is too much time, everyone and their uncle wants to fiddle with it.

On the way home from my meeting I stopped by a gallery where I used to show and picked up some artwork that Janet and I had purchased last month. The curator asked me if I would be interested in having another show. Sure!  I love having gallery shows. Then I asked whether we could just set a date for the show now, or whether I would have to submit a proposal again like I did the last time. Looks like I'll have to submit a proposal again. The art world is weird. I've asked other artists why they do the things they do. Their answer is usually very similar to mine: because it looks cool! Looking cool definitely won't work as a show proposal though. I'll have to make up some ridiculous story that goes on and on about my influences and motivation and somehow ties everything back to the importance of being green and saving the planet. This is what the art world has come to. Sad. I'll still do the show though.

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