Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 130

It was an absolutely beautiful day today. Did I take some time to relax and enjoy the exceptional weather? Of course not. It's Saturday! If the household chores don't get done on Saturdays, they seldom get done at all. Did the grass get mowed today? You betcha. Did all the water from last night's rain get swept off the roof? That too. I did the laundry, put clean sheets on the bed, went to the grocery store, made a valiant attempt to find the virus on my A-Drive and still found time to run down to the VCA Animal Hospital and take pictures of Smokey and Deuce, our two new Dalmatians in the rescue program.

As nice as today was, I don't think I'd have wanted to go on a picnic anyway. I'm hypersensitive to poison ivy and I've already caught my first case of the year from Dot and Dash. It never fails. I've caught poison ivy so many times that you'd think I'd develop an immunity to it. Unfortunately exactly the opposite has happened. If I'm anywhere within 40 feet of a poison ivy plant I'll catch it. The park is filled with poison ivy in the Spring and the dogs inevitably get the oily urushiol resin on their fur when they walk through a patch of the plants. They always curl up next to me after I fall asleep. The next morning I'm itching and scratching.

I hope I can find time to watch Dr. Who tonight. It's been such a busy day. Janet and I just got back from a casino party held by another charity group. These events are typically kind of a busman's holiday. We always check out the other roulette dealers and see if we can pick up a few new tricks. There was an old couple dealing tonight who kept dropping things on the floor and mixing up the chips. Sad. In a few years this will be us. I can't believe we're actually checking out other charity roulette dealers. We are better than these guys were though. We're definitely not good enough for Vegas, but if worse came to worse, we could probably get a job as roulette dealers in some dusty little Nevada town.  It's always good to have another skill.

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