Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 131

I need to start getting more sleep at night. I fell asleep staring at the monitor while I was working on the computer this afternoon. I don't know how long I'd been sleeping, but Dash woke me up with the a high pitched, frantic bark that usually means "take me outside right away before I pee on the floor." I leashed him up and took him on a walk, even though we'd just gotten back from the Unleashed dog park where he'd gotten plenty of exercise. Better safe than sorry I've learned. Dot was at a rescue event in Grapevine, Texas with a bunch of other Dalmatians, so Dash was alone with me today. Dash never likes being left behind, but he doesn't ride well in the car either, so this is often the only solution. I was actually amazed that he made the journey down to the dog park without Dot in the car with him. With this small breakthrough under our belts, maybe we can try something more ambitious in the future.

Occasionally I daydream about living on the seventeenth floor of a luxurious downtown high rise and spending Sunday afternoons drinking cappuccino and reading the paper instead of walking dogs. I'm not really an outdoorsy kind of guy. I'd rather wander through an art gallery than a field full of poison ivy. The dogs have other ideas though and they usually win. I can't imagine taking Dash to an art gallery. He would immediately lift his leg and pee on something I could never afford. There's a silver lining to everything though. These marathon dog weekends definitely keep me in shape. If all I was doing was gallery hopping and drinking cappuccino, I would probably be twenty pounds heavier.

I actually did get to see Dr. Who last night, since the BBC channel repeats everything they air at least three times an evening. I'm still not sure I like Matt Smith as the new doctor. Something is different about the show this season.  Maybe it has more to do with Steven Moffat replacing Russell T. Davis as head writer than anything else. Even without David Tennant however, Dr. Who is still the best thing to come along since Farscape.

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