Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 179

The dogs have already decided it's too hot outside. I'd have to agree with them. For the next three months I need to hope that I won't be caught up in a major traffic jam, because my aging Defender 90 will overheat. I need to remember to make the trip to the grocery store last on my list of Saturday errands, so the produce won't spoil sitting in the car. I need to remember to water the grass frequently, because we don't have an automatic sprinkler system. I'm not a big fan of Summer. I'm not a big fan of Winter either, but every Summer I can't wait for the cooler weather to return.

This afternoon, our Wednesday dog training class had their annual Summer party. Like a lot of other people who show their dogs, enter agility competitions, or work with rescue groups, we have let dogs become the center of our social life. Just about everything we do with other people seems to involve dogs these days. I like dog people. They are straightforward and unpretentious compared to the artists and musicians I used to hang out with. Dog have a way of bringing out the best in people. Even though I ate way too much at the party and Dot didn't want to participate in the party games, we all had a good time. Dash seems to be the social butterfly of the family. He wanted to say hello to all the other dogs and had a good time getting in a kiddie pool full of water and playing the "bobbing for biscuits" game.  He didn't win unfortunately, because the Labs and water dogs were much faster at snagging the required ten dog biscuits floating in the water. Dot got hot quickly and just wanted to go home.

I've noticed that bag worms have gotten into our Wax Myrtle trees again. We get them every year, but this season they seem worse than normal. I know you are supposed to use an insecticide like Talstar to control the worms, but I just cut the affected branches off instead. I hate to use insecticide around the dogs and usually the trees need trimming anyway. Even though I'd rather just sit inside tomorrow with the AC cranked up and download new apps for my iPod, I know I'd better deal with these worms instead. The trees are depending on me.

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  1. gee its so hot too in here and worms, ouch i can't stand them