Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 180

Unleashed was really crowded this afternoon. I'm sure a lot of people were there because it was the last day the park was open for business. It's ironic. If all these people had brought their dogs to the park during our mild Spring weather, the place could probably have stayed open a lot longer. Everyone we talked to seemed genuinely sad that this was the last day they could bring their dogs to play. Lots of people had ideas about how the park could have stayed in business, but hindsight is always 20/20. I'm sure the owners did everything they possibly could to keep the place open. To me it was just a case of monumental bad luck. If the country's very first indoor dog park hadn't opened for business at the start of the biggest economic downturn in the past thirty years, I'm sure it would be business as usual tomorrow morning. When we left for the last time, I noticed that some of the staff had tears in their eyes. This was a dream for a lot of people, and now it's gone.

It seems to get a little hotter every day. We're started taking water with us when we walk the rescue Dalmatians on Sunday morning because it's getting too hot for the dogs. We don't walk them as long as we do in cooler weather, but they still enjoy sitting in the shade under a tree with us. I wonder how people lived here at all before there was air conditioning. When I took Dash for his weekly bath at Vhea's Laundromutt today he was completely dry by the time we got home again. This is the time of year when it would be nice to have a swimming pool in the back yard. Unfortunately, during the Fall and Winter it wouldn't be nearly as nice, because the pool would be completely full of leaves from our three large Oak and Elm trees.

I found an nice little app that allows me to open and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files from my iPad. Now, I'll be able to do real work from just about anywhere. I have this fantasy that doing my work while drinking Lattes at Starbucks would be pleasant, but it probably wouldn't be. I grind my own beans every morning and think my coffee tastes much better than Starbucks anyway. Actually, it's way too much trouble to drive somewhere just so I could do the same thing I do right here. I guess I'll just stay home with two dogs under my desk and use the iPad as a wireless mouse for my big computer.

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