Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 183

I had to drive up to far north Dallas today to pick up my computer from the repair shop. Inevitably, if I use the freeways to get somewhere, I encounter is a big wreck along the way and get stuck in traffic. On the other hand, if I choose the back roads to avoid such things, I always pass through a dozen different school zones and manage to hit every single red light. I chose the back roads today, and true to form, I managed to time my journey so that every light was red when I arrived. It's a good thing I'm seldom in a hurry, because it's just about impossible to get anywhere on time in Dallas. It doesn't even matter when I leave the house. There's always a surprise somewhere that seems to make me ten minutes late.

The Brazilians I interviewed several weeks ago seem unhappy that the story I wrote hasn't been published yet. I find it hard to explain that a lot of stuff I do seems to fall into a black hole as soon as I'm finished with it and is never seen again. I assume the the story will be published eventually. You never know though. Maybe the editors are looking for something different now. I just hope I get paid.

Top Chef, which I always enjoy watching, starts a new season tonight, but unfortunately it airs this year at exactly the same time that the dogs are in obedience class. I vaguely remember that there's something included in our cable package that lets you record a show you like and view it later at a more convenient time. I'll probably never learn how to use this feature though. It's easier just to wait until the show is repeated again. It's hard to miss a show on cable because they all seem to be replayed about ten times every week.

I think Dot and Dash would have preferred that we stayed home tonight and watched Top Chef instead of going to class. It was quite hot this evening and just about everybody brought water bowls for their dogs. All the dogs did well at exercises that involved sitting or lying down in the grass, but were slow at everything else. I can't blame them. When it's still over 95 degrees at 8 PM, even the dogs would rather be indoors watching television.

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