Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 184

This morning I designed a new a poster featuring Kobe for a Dalmatian Rescue event this weekend. Kobe recently became a finalist in  Purina's Rescue Story of the Year contest. Last year, another Dalmatian Rescue dog named Willow was also a finalist in this contest. Kobe certainly has an amazing story and hopefully he'll win this year. When we found Kobe, we discovered that he'd been hit by a car and had numerous injuries that had never received medical attention. The worst of these injuries was a broken hip which had never been set or repaired. Several vets thought his leg needed to be amputated, but we found a wonderful orthopedic surgeon who was able to completely repair the broken hip and allow Kobe to walk again. After several surgeries and extensive physical therapy, Kobe is now a healthy, playful dog who walks completely normally. If you've got a minute, please vote for Kobe at the Rally to Rescue website. The exposure will help him find a home and if he wins, Purina will provide some much needed support for the Dalmatian Rescue organization.

If you've got an iPad, be sure to download the Google Earth app. The combination of the Google mapping system with GPS is simply amazing. The GPS is so accurate that Google Earth could tell which room of the house I was in. The detail in the satellite imagery is astounding. When I zoomed in on the area where the dogs and I walk everyday, I could actually see cyclists riding along the bike path. I looked to see if the satellite had managed to capture an image of the dogs and I, but we were nowhere to be seen. I guess I'm easily amused, because this was my entertainment for the day.

A lot of my customers are moving their hosting accounts over to GoDaddy because it is so cheap. I'm finding that I'm having to spend a lot of time on the GoDaddy website looking for the code I need to modify these sites so they still work like they did before. I can't believe that GoDaddy doesn't even have a toll-free tech support line. You've got to call them long distance and half the time you don't even get connected to someone who knows anything about your problem. It's irritating. I guess you get what you pay for though. GoDaddy's prices for web hosting are next to nothing compared to what most of my customers are used to paying. I can eventually find the answers I need on the GoDaddy website, but it would sure be nice if there was a friendly, free tech support geek to talk to when I had a problem.

When I looked out the window after lunch, Dot and Dash were both lying on their backs in the grass with their feet straight up in the air. I guess they were sunbathing.

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