Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 185

It was a busy and surprisingly productive day. It makes me wonder if it's really Friday. I got the petrochemical industry article I've been working on completed and send it off to my German client. I launched a new website for another client that had been lingering on the back burner for several months. I went to Aaron Brothers and got the Dalmatian Rescue poster I made yesterday dry mounted for tomorrow's adoption event. On the way home I even had time to stop by Culwell and Son and do a little shopping for Summer clothes. One of the sales associates told me that I should have come in a little earlier because Ross Perot had been in the store a few hours ago doing some shopping. I asked my friend Mark at the store if he had gotten any pictures of the occasion and sure enough he had. The picture was already on the store's Facebook page.

Well known people must do a lot of shopping in Dallas. I've been out shopping several times recently and heard that Laura Bush or Don Henley or Janine Turner had just been in the store. Maybe these shopping sightings are true, but I certainly don't see famous people very often when I'm out and about. Every once in a while I do see Erykah Badu, but that's only because we live in the same neighborhood and my dogs like to poop in front of her house.

Janet and I went out to eat at Kona Grill in Northpark tonight. The food was fabulous, but they certainly don't like people to linger. Every few minutes one of the waiters would come by our table and ask if they could take away a plate or an empty glass. They took away my silverware by mistake before my dinner even arrived. Everyone was real friendly about hurrying me along with my meal though. Maybe I was just eating too slow. Truthfully, I do everything too slow. Some people can handle it and it drives other people nuts.

I'm starting to take my iPad everywhere. It doesn't fit in your pocket like a phone, but it's a lot handier than all the crap I used to carry around in a briefcase. Hopefully, I won't succumb to constantly showing my iPad pictures to total strangers the way everyone does with their cell phones.

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