Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 213

I picked up Janet at the airport today. I did manage to make it to the right airport too, with the help of a couple of Post-It Note reminders in the kitchen. I haven't been to Love Field in a while and I couldn't find the parking for arriving flights. It turns out they didn't have any. They had something called "Cell Phone Parking" instead. You just pulled into a lot near the terminal and waited for your arriving passenger to call you from their cell phone and say something like "Hey, I'm standing in front of the terminal now." Then you would just drive up in front of the terminal and pick them up. Cell Phone Parking would have been a great idea if I had a cell phone. I ended up parking far away in the departure lot and taking a long walk to the terminal. I probably should have just gone to Las Vegas with Janet in the first place. As it turned out, the week certainly didn't end up being anything worth staying home for.

I don't know whether to root for the bulls or the bears anymore. Now that I've taken a short position in the market, I can make a little money on a terrible day like today. On the other hand, I still have my long positions too, so the best I can ever do is break even.  Going short just allows me to hedge my bets a bit and hopefully limit my losses. I just hate all this volatility. One day the market is up a hundred points and the very next day it is down two hundred for no apparent reason. Nothing has changed about the companies or the economy. It's all just reading tea leaves these days.

The dogs sure seem happy that Janet has returned. Maybe life with me got a bit boring by the end of the week. Or, maybe it was just the box of special dog treats in Janet's suitcase.

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  1. Welcome home Janet. Smart lady to bring doggie treats!