Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 214

When I was getting my car repaired earlier this week, the service manager said I ought to stop by this weekend and take a look at his own highly modified Defender 90. Since the Land Rover dealer is close to the grocery store where I do my Saturday shopping, I did swing by and take a look this afternoon. Wow! This car has had so many custom modifications that you could probably drive it on the moon. Most of the custom-made lifts, rock sliders and winches were totally useless for city driving, but they sure did look cool. I wish I still had the kind of income where I could waste money in such grand style. This car was totally over the top and I loved it.

I think women get a bad rap for wasting money. Sure, they may think a $500 pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes are absolutely essential, but this is pocket change compared to the way men waste money. A man will think nothing of dropping $10,000 on a bass boat, or the world's largest flat screen TV. There must be a thousand blogs out there with titles like "My Frugal Ways." These blogs are filled with ideas about clipping coupons and tips on how to get free samples of peanut butter. Coincidently, they are all written by women. Men don't think this way. Men would rather have a new Harley Softail, or in the case of my service manager, a Land Rover you could drive to the South Pole. I'm still a little suspicious of men who drive a Prius. Real men just aren't this practical.

The only practical thing I did today was mow the grass early in the morning before it got too hot. This is the middle of July in Texas though. It was already way too hot before the sun even came up. I needed to get a new coffee filter today and I tried my best to be practical by taking one of those blue coupons that I get in the mail every week to the Bed Bath and Beyond store with me. Unfortunately, I left the coupon on the kitchen table like I always do and ended up paying full price for the coffee filter. Why is a coffee filter worth $14.95 anyway?  If I was practical and businesslike, I would just go to Starbucks and drink their overpriced coffee every morning while I efficiently checked my e-mail on the free Wi-Fi. That seems to be what everybody else does these days. That doesn't appeal to me though. I'd rather waste half the morning grinding my own beans and making pancakes and sausages.

We've got a new Dalmatian coming up to the K-9 University kennels tomorrow. I need to remember to take my camera and get his picture up on the website. The new dog's name is Beemer.  If a woman named this dog, it was probably because of the way he smiles. If a man named the dog, he just named it after his car.

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  1. You are right on about the way guys can waste money! (But I can too, if shown the right gadget)