Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 217

I went to the doctor today to get my final blood work done before starting my Hepatitis C treatment. I've been avoiding this treatment like the plague because of all the horrendous things I've heard. I don't really look forward to losing my hair or feeling like I've got the flu for six months. No blood today though. The nurse who was going to draw my blood told me that I shouldn't have eaten breakfast this morning and to come back tomorrow.

My trip to the clinic wasn't a wasted effort however. This time, I finally managed to catch the attention of Freddy, the office manager, and get him to listen to my quick pitch for redesigning the clinic website. This was the first time I've used my iPad to make a presentation and it worked fabulously. I was able to show samples my design work and visit several websites I've done quickly and efficiently. My whole presentation lasted less than ten minutes. It worked too! I've got a follow up meeting with the clinic's owner this Friday to get further input and finalize the budget. I think I've got the job.

My German client said they can't pay me until they have my IBAN number. Jeez, what's an IBAN number? I stopped by my bank on the way home from the doctor to see if they knew what my number was. I didn't really think they would be able to help, since the closest thing to international banking that takes place at my branch are all the illegal aliens ahead of me in line trying to cash checks without any form of identification. The manager was very helpful though and knew exactly what I needed. It turns out I have all sorts of ID numbers I never knew I had.

I need to write a website bio for one of my clients tonight. You'd think that people would prefer to write their own bios, but typically they just send me their wife's name, where they went to school and the number of pets they have and then I make up the rest. I also write the bios for the dogs on the Dalmatian Rescue website. Frequently I say the dogs are two years old. I don't have a clue how old they actually are. Stray dogs may know their own age, but they never share their secret with me.

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  1. John- all those illegal alien dogs walking around without their papers! Made me laugh. Congrats on a new web client.