Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 218

I went back to the doctor today and got my blood work finished. I made sure to go early in the morning, so I'd have plenty of time to come home and eat my usual big breakfast. I don't mind fasting, but I hate to miss breakfast. Sometimes I wonder if there's really any point to my quest to become healthier. Life without bacon in the morning and a martini in the evening still seems like it's missing something.

If you're involved in any sort of artistic endeavor, you need to go out and get an iPad immediately. For the second day in a row, my iPad has been instrumental in helping me land a new job. Today, I needed to take a couple of watches to my Omega repairman to get fixed. I took the iPad along too, because I wanted to show Kevin pictures of some other watches I was hoping he'd work on. Kevin liked the iPad and after showing him the watch pictures, I used some other examples of my work to demonstrate what the gizmo could do. He ended up asking me if I could design a new logo for his company. You bet! Logos are great. I never turn down an offer to design a logo, because it almost always leads to other opportunities down the road. The other opportunity in this case wasn't very far down the road at all. By the time I left this afternoon, we were talking seriously about a new website as well as the logo.

On the way home, I dropped the sample tapes I promised the National Geographic Channel in the mail. I'm not very optimistic about getting this job, but it's always worth making an effort. You never really know what people are thinking. I've been awarded jobs where I didn't even think I was a serious contender. I've also lost plenty of jobs that I thought were in the bag.

I thought the dogs would be terrible in obedience class tonight, since they skipped class last week. They both did well though. I was pleasantly surprised. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised about the entire day.

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  1. i come across from entrycard then i found your magnificent blog!

  2. Really neat blog and I am happy you had a good day. Congratulations!

  3. Horray for a good day! I sure wouldn't mind an iPod... what fun.