Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 239

Not a bad day. I got my car back from the Land Rover dealer and it was nice to be able to go places again without worrying about the engine overheating. Even when I was stuck in traffic the oil temperature stayed right in the normal range. One of my first errands today was taking my new logo ideas up to show Kevin at his watch repair company. He approved my favorite logo design and now we've moved on to redesign his web site.

It's a nice change of pace to have a client who likes to talk about watches at meetings. Usually when I go to client meetings I have to listen to clients talk about odd concepts like Enterprise Resource Planning or Front End Engineering Design. My next meeting is on Friday when I present my initial designs for the Medical Clinic website. I'm slowly but surely turning everyone in my small little universe into a customer. Both my veterinarians are customers. My two best friends from my ad agency days are now customers. My watchmaker has become a customer. And now my personal physician is a customer.  Occasionally, even Janet is a customer. I've managed to get work and pleasure so hopelessly muddled together that I'm not even sure what constitutes "fun" anymore.

One of the reasons I enjoy the dogs so much is that they represent the complete antithesis of a world dominated by work and working. They are basically lazy animals. Dot and Dash could care less if I miss a deadline or arrive late to a meeting. They live to eat, to sleep, and to chase squirrels. Remember that Bobby McFerrin song called Don't Worry, Be Happy that was popular in the 1980's? That's Dot and Dash in a nutshell. When the Dow dropped 265 points today, Dot didn't even bother to bark about it.

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  1. I think the best thing dogs do is that they approach us as if we had never treated them poorly yesterday, or done anything wrong. If only we could greet each day with that type of attitude toward others!