Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 240

I wish someone had told me that the new season of Project Runway had started. I think I've already missed the first two episodes. In tonight's episode, the contestants had to make a dress entirely out of things they found at a party store. The show reminded me of my day today. I had to make a website entirely out of clip art. I usually haven't shot the photography yet when I show a client the initial design work. If they like the design, I go back and shoot the photography later. Clip art isn't a great solution though. I can never find exactly the images I'm looking for and I always worry that if I show too many cheesy placeholder photos in my layout, they might torpedo my entire design.

I tend to change a lot of things at the last minute, which also reminds me of Project Runway. Yesterday, I thought I was almost done with this design. Today was a different story. As I was making some last minute tweaks, I discovered several things I hated and ended up doing a big chunk of the design work all over again.  Basically, I spent the day knocking down the sand castle I had already built earlier in the week. I think this is why I like projects with tight deadlines. If I only have time to do it once, I don't second guess myself quite so much.

The rescue group with the goat had their monthly board meeting this evening. I'm always late for these meetings, but I try to go anyway. I think everybody will be glad when the goat and the two dogs find a home. The entire place is starting to smell like a goat. Goats evidently poop a lot too. At any rate, I'm glad I'm not on the cleanup detail. The animals are so friendly though that it's easy to forgive the mess they've made. The two dogs are about halfway through their heartworm treatment, and the trio should be ready to adopt by the end of the month.

I've still got to film several more pieces of the story for National Geographic before the animals go to their permanent home. I'm hoping I can do most of this indoors, because it's just too hot outside. So far this August, every single day has felt a little hotter than the previous one. I watered the grass for several hours this morning and within 45 minutes after I turned the sprinklers off, the ground was dry again. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for Winter.

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  1. I missed tonight's episode, darn it. I used to love Project Runway, but this season I am having a harder time getting into it for some reason.

    And what a sweetheart in the Dalmation of the Day photo!

  2. I'm usually ready for winter. Sure hate the heat. Too bad.... I get to bake this afternoon.

  3. i didnt know Project Runway started another show. I watch it all the time. I hope our dvr had it recorded, but its been full lately. jazevox