Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 318

It was an odd day. I turned down a project this afternoon. I almost never turn down anything. These guys were looking for a marketing campaign and they already had one. I tried to explain that they had already done what they were asking me to do about a month ago and that it was actually pretty good. I make a big deal of telling my existing clients the value of consistency, so I needed to be consistent here as well. If I came in and did something different after they'd already built a website, printed stationary and designed graphics around a theme they were already using, I wouldn't be helping them at all. Maybe I just smelled a mess that would be blamed on me later when their audience was completely confused.

Someone wrote to me today and wants to run in-line text ads on my website. I used to do a lot of this sort of thing and even thought it might be my ticket to early retirement until Google Adwords came along and ruined things for the little guys. Now, hardly anybody looks for relevant websites to place ads on their own, or negotiates text ad placement on an individual page-by-page basis. I was glad to hear from these guys. I didn't think they existed anymore. I sold them a single in-line text ad to run in one of my stories and made about the same as I make from Google in three months.

It's about time to turn the furnace on. It got down in the mid 60's last night and I think it is supposed to get even colder tonight. I might just put a blanket on the bed instead though. These mild days are really nice because it is the only time of the year when the utility bills are even close to reasonable. Once I turn the furnace on, the bills will go right back up again.

The Rangers appear to have gone cold too. They lost again last night. I don't know what happened to those guys who looked so good playing against the Yankees.

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  1. Any team that beats the Yankees looks good!

  2. Hey, congrats on landing a text ad. That's great! I know what you mean about getting sucked into a marketing mess. You'll probably be very happy for your decision.