Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 325

I finished the Santa Paws poster today. I thought I had more time to work on this until I looked at the calendar and realized that the first of these Christmas photo events was November 20. Our Christmas pet picture events ought to be a lot more successful than the recent Halloween photos. At least we'll be returning to locations where we've had good crowds before. We probably won't have to worry about an approaching tornado either.

It was pretty much an all photo day today. After I finished designing the new pet picture poster, I went over to my medical clinic client and took more pictures for their website. Whenever I spend any amount of time in an office environment, I'm amazed at how chaotic the workplace has become. Everyone always seems to be moving in ten directions at once. My little world seems serene and simple by comparison. Sometimes I wonder if I could ever be tempted to return to being an employee again. I kind of doubt it. I've been my own boss for too long now. I would want to schedule all my meetings for 2 PM and would come in late to avoid the morning traffic. I probably wouldn't last two weeks.

I need to figure out how to get more of these text ads like I did last week. Some ad agency paid me $50 to add two linked words to a story I wrote ten years ago. What were the words? Pressure washers. That's all I had to do was add these two words. The money arrived in my Paypal account this morning and I still don't even know what country the agency is in. I think it is probably Turkey, but it might be Mexico. Who knows. Hey, I've got thousands of unused words left. I'd be happy to link them all to something or other if it provided a viable alternative to working.

I think the time changes sometime this weekend. I used to hate the day the time changed because it meant I needed to change all my watches. I finally dawned on me that I was being way too anal about things. I don't bother to set the time on any of them now unless it's actually on my wrist. I'm surprised I even bother to set that one, because it certainly doesn't keep me from being late.

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  1. The poster is great! I could use a couple of $50 text ads!