Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 326

I was blog hopping this morning and was surprised to hear several people say that it was snowing outside. It certainly wasn't snowing in Dallas. Our own weather was in the mid-70's. Did I take advantage of our beautiful Indian summer and clean up the back yard? Nope. Did I do anything useful at all? Not really. Lately, the work week has been so tiring that I enjoy doing as little as possible on weekends. I slept in late, made French toast with a leftover loaf of bread in the refrigerator, and did a few loads of laundry. That was about it. Janet likes to walk the dogs on weekends, so I didn't even take my usual morning walk.

Tomorrow, there's a new Dalmatian up at K-9 University, so I'm going to take pictures for the website. I'm eager to photograph the new Dalmatians now, because I'm starting to run out of dogs for my "dog of the day" feature. We don't get nearly as many dogs in the rescue program these days because Dalmatians aren't a popular breed with families anymore. This is actually a good thing, since it means that far fewer Dalmatians are being abandoned in shelters. Back when the Disney 101 Dalmatian movies were popular, we often had over 25 dogs at a time in our rescue program. Now, it's the small breeds like Pugs and Chihuahuas that have the biggest problem finding homes. I guess there's a downside to popularity in the dog world as well.

I'm still trying to figure out whether Twitter is worth the effort. It is a total mystery to me why so many people want to follow 20,000 people. I only follow a few and there already seems way too much to read whenever I open the application. Twitter followers seem a lot different than blog followers too. They come and go on an almost daily basis. There must be a lot of people who follow you just to see if you'll follow them back. I usually don't even have time to wonder who these strangers are before they disappear again. I already know two people who have their kids Tweet for them. What's that all about? Maybe Twitter would be cool if you had exciting things to do all time. I'm almost embarrased at how little I have to Tweet about.

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  1. So with you on the twitter issue. I've tried using it and don't have the time or energy to follow it so I'm not sure that to do either.

  2. I was jealous to see how many people had snow over the weekend, was hoping for some up in Scotland, but no luck :-(