Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 328

There are few things more forlorn looking than the roadside vendors around town who are still trying to sell Texas Rangers hats and t-shirts. There were quite a few of these vendors with big 50% Off signs on their tents the day after the Rangers lost the World Series. There's one guy in my neighborhood however, who still hasn't given up. His roadside tent remained open today with a sign that said Up to 90% Off. It didn't look like he had many customers.

I was excited this morning to get an order from one of my customers for some large framed prints. My good fortune was short-lived however when I realized that I hadn't even taken the photos she was ordering. At least it's good to know that my clients are just as absent minded and forgetful as I am.

I'm still getting a few telemarketing calls telling me what candidate to vote for. What's that all about? Doesn't anyone know that the election is over? Telemarketers have totally taken over the office phone. I probably get twenty robo-calls and marketing messages for every legitimate call that comes in. I'm tempted to tell people to start using my mobile number number instead, but then I'd probably start getting junk calls on the iPhone too. I think I prefer using the iPhone as an outgoing device only and not use it for incoming calls at all.

One of today's legitimate calls was a request to add Google Analytics code to a client's website so they could track its performance. Just about everyone is doing this these days. It wasn't that long ago that monthly web server stats were enough information for any sane person. Now folks want daily numbers to crunch. I'm getting so tired of hearing about social media, Facebook friends and Twitter Tweets that I could scream. Does any of this even matter? OK, you're right. I guess it should matter to someone in my line of work, but I'm still getting tired of hearing about it all the time.

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  1. Just home from a weekend on the road. Can you believe that the design in that watch is the same as on the notecards I used to invite people to join me for my final miles of my 4395-mile North Country Trail Quest? I love that illustration.