Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 329

I had to go see my Hepatologist today. I'm convinced that if I could get my regular doctor, my pharmacist, the nutritionist who owns the health food store down the street, and this liver specialist together in one room, they would never agree on a single thing. The nutritionist tells me that Milk Thistle is an effective way to manage Hepatitis C while the Hepatologist says this is a totally worthless remedy. My family physician wants me to take Spiriva to control a nagging cough while a Gastroenterologist I'm seeing tells that this would be unwise and will cause my heartburn to return. The pharmacist wonders why all the doctors prescribe expensive medications when very similar generic drugs are readily available. The doctors all say that the pharmacist should quit giving medical advice. It's really getting on my nerves. Can't these guys agree on anything?

I find it much easier to deal with veterinarians. When I took Dash to the vet today for his weekly antigen shot, everyone agreed that his skin is looking fabulous. He's actually starting to look like a proper black and white Dalmatian now instead of a black and brownish one. I wish my own medical problems could be resolved in such a simple, straightforward manner. It will never happen though. Once you get your health insurance provider involved, you can throw simple and straightforward out the window.

One of my Luddite clients called today asking how they could get Facebook and Twitter to show up on their website. I explained that they had to have a Facebook and Twitter account first. Then and only then can I start linking everything together. Why these guys even want a Facebook page is a mystery to me. One thing is for certain. When my clients start asking for Facebook pages, social media has definitely gone mainstream. If this sorry state of affairs continues, I may be forced to start my own Facebook page.

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  1. Milk Thistle is an effective way to manage Hepatitis C... ya ya ya :D
    thank for your info :D

  2. Well, I'm happy for Dash... wish there was equal relief for you.

  3. Well howdy neighbor. Well, almost. I grew up in Dallas and it's my home town. We lived in east Dallas close to White Rock Lake. Of course, the neighborhood was a lot different when I was growing up!!

    We are out at Lake Texhoma now and love it!! Great blog, beautiful dog and I hope you have a great evening!