Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 330

I finally met my renter. It certainly took me long enough. I think I leased the place back in March. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had rented my house to a nice person instead of the crazy loons that sometimes lease the place. No ridiculous demands or ultimatums either. All this tenant really wanted was a new toilet.

Oddly, my rent house has always seemed to have exactly the same problems as the house I'm living in. I guess that shouldn't be surprising, since both houses are almost the same age. Maybe I ought to get new toilets for both houses, since the symptoms my tenant was describing seemed very similar to what Janet keeps telling me to fix.

I have a feeling that there's a Facebook page in my immediate future. I've been reluctant to set up a Facebook account, since I don't even have the time to keep up with my blog and websites. Maybe the time to finally embrace Facebook has arrived however. Client are starting to ask me more questions about their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts than about their websites. They aren't very pleased that I don't immediately have the answers they need either. Even Paypal wants me to start a Facebook page....preferably before they start running the new ad campaign. I guess they think I can't be a proper spokesperson without a wall and Facebook friends. Even Dalmatian Rescue is getting involved with Facebook to raise money for the dogs.

Oh well. This certainly won't be the first thing I've done that I've had misgivings about. Facebook here I come.

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  1. I am a reluctant FB user. I mostly avoid it, but I check in sometimes. I have some of my blogs set to feed the posts there.

    I'll be your friend if you get it going. (and you want me...)