Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 427

I am the world's worst at time management. I only had one thing to do outside the office all day and I still managed to be an hour late. It wasn't like I had a deadline crisis or anything. I was just late. I started revamping a client's website this morning after I walked the dogs and when I looked up it was almost 2 PM. When I saw the time, I should have thought "Damn, Dash and I need to be over at the vet right now." Instead, my first thought was "Well, I better go take a shower and get this day started." It was only after I was actually in the shower that it dawned on me that I was late for the vet appointment. It was a fairly typical day actually.

I learned all sorts of odd little facts today. I learned that if Better Business Bureau members want to display the Better Business Bureau logo on their website, they have to pay $500 extra a year in dues. I discovered that a surprising number of my Facebook friends aren't putting their real birthday on their page. I discovered that my portfolio tracking software will download my stocks to the iPad just fine using 3G, but crashes when I try to do the same thing using WiFi. I discovered that The National Geographic Channel is actually owned by Fox. I discovered that when I take Dash in to get his anal sacs expressed, only one of them is usually full. All of these things are perplexing to me, but I suppose none of them really matter.

It's hard to believe that it's already the middle of February. It's even harder to believe it was almost 80 degrees today. I walked the dogs this afternoon in shorts and a T-shirt. Wasn't I shoveling ice on the roof less than a week ago? With the unusually balmy weather, it looks like we'll be having training class again tomorrow. After three weeks of bad weather, the dogs have probably forgotten everything they've learned.

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  1. Well, it's 40 here. That is a heat wave for Feb in Michigan! I wish I could say I learned that much yesterday. I did do a bit of creative stretching though on MQD.