Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 428

I got an invitation to a Stern Monroe reunion in the mail today. This agency closed its doors almost twenty years ago, so I was amazed that someone had managed to track down enough people to invite. I can forget someone's name three weeks after I've met them, so I'm always impressed with reunion committees that manage to find people who've been lost for decades. I've skipped a lot of reunions over the years, but I'm planning to go to this one. Stern Monroe was actually one of the ad agencies I enjoyed working at.

I'm thinking it might be fun to have a reunion of the old band I used to play in. I've managed to find the lead singer, the drummer, the lead guitar player and the keyboard player on Facebook. Only two more band members to go. Of course most of us don't even live in the same city any more, but that is probably a minor problem compared to the task of remembering enough songs to get through a three set gig.

I don't think my own memory is much better than the dogs memory anymore. They certainly forgot a few things at training class tonight. This is the first time we've had nice weather on Wednesday evening for a long time now and all the dogs in class were a little rusty. Dot and Dash probably did as well as anyone else though. The dogs might not have wanted to do the exercises, but they were definitely excited to see each other again. I'm still surprised at how social Dash has become recently. He was determined to say hello to every dog in class tonight.

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