Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Day 4563

Home Depot is still trying to deliver me a second dishwasher. This is getting ridiculous. I got another call this morning from someone asking when I'd be home to receive the delivery. It's hard to convince these guys that they've already been here. They delivered the dishwasher over a week ago. I made a few phone calls to get the additional deliveries to stop, but I did that yesterday as well. We'll see what happens tomorrow. At least they only charged me for one dishwasher. I checked my credit card bill.

The weather isn't getting any cooler. It was warm when we took Dawn on her sunrise walk, but I thought I could get away with taking my long walk in the park if I left right after breakfast. It sure warms up fast. The first mile was comfortable. I was starting to sweat a bit by the end of the second mile. I was able to complete my entire route, but by the time I got home I was miserable. Maybe I'll need to go back to the gym tomorrow. The gym is boring, but at least it's cool inside.

I paid a bunch of bills today which left me feeling too poor to go anywhere this summer. It's a shame that the two things I like to do are so far away. I don't think Florida or West Texas would provide any relief from the heat unfortunately. Both places are pretty hot right now. It's too bad I can't think of anything I'd like to do here in Dallas. Mostly I'd just like to leave for someplace a lot cooler this summer.

The refrigerator was making a funny noise while I was eating dinner this evening. The last thing I want to do right now is replace another appliance, so I started to investigate. My first thought was the ice maker which has always been problematic. When I tried to empty the ice bin, it was so full that it was jammed and wouldn't come out. I had to take some things out of the freezer and remove a couple of shelves before I could get the ice maker bin out. I threw all the ice out and replaced the bin. I guess I'm not using as much ice as I used to. I'm not hearing the noise now, so maybe I cured the problem. Hopefully the ice maker will still make ice. On a hot day, it's nice to have a very cold drink.

I kind of miss having writing assignments. Working on a writing job was a great way to kill time on a hot summer afternoon. Now I kill time by looking at camera equipment on the Internet. Sadly, without the writing jobs, it's harder to afford the camera equipment. Oddly, I have no interest in doing photography jobs. Someone wrote me just the other day asking if I'd like to do some product photography. I turned the job down and said I'd retired. From the way the job was described, it seemed like nothing but trouble. The budget was very small and I had a strong feeling that a lot of other photographers had already turned the job down. I'll stick to being a rocket photographer. As long as I'm making nothing, I might as well be having fun.

Dawn won another ribbon at her training class tonight. Janet is really doing well with her and Dawn seems to love the class. With only one dog to train, I don't go to these classes anymore. It's still nice to see Dawn come home with a ribbon though.

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